Internet Leased Line, Broadband, MPLS Provider in Kolkata

Best Internet Service Provider in Kolkata.

Best Leased Line Internet Provider in Kolkata.

Best Internet Leased Line in Kolkata.

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Internet Leased Line Kolkata.

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Sistemos Broadband Internet is the best Internet provider in Kolkata.

FTTH Internet Service Provider in Kolkata.

50Mbps Unlimited Broadband Rs.500/- Per Month.

100Mbps Unlimited Broadband Rs.800/- Per Month.

150Mbps Unlimited Broadband Rs.1000/- Per Month.

2000Mbps Unlimited Broadband Rs.1500/- Per Month.

Internet Service Provider

Top IoT Provider in Kolkata.
Top Cloud Service Provider

Event Internet

Sistemos event Internet service is ideal for your short-term connection requirements. With our fast installation process and fiber and wireless infrastructure, we’re able to provide you with guaranteed bandwidth options up to 1 Gbps for days, weeks or even months, depending on your needs.

Temporary Event Internet Solutions

A reliable, fast and secure temporary internet is essential for a growing number of events. With more and more connections taking place, and a variety of bandwidth dependant software being launched, temporary internet should be one of the first considerations when organising an event.

Since 2012 Sistemos have been delivering solutions for companies, making sure that their attendees connect and stay connected. We’re relied upon to deliver solutions for production teams, guest speakers, keynote sessions and of course huge numbers of guests.

We have a number of solutions depending on your event requirements, ranging from optical fibre that can be installed and right up to 1Gb Internet leased line.

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Event Internet

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